Our Story

Leaders in manufacturing clear synthetic ballistics gelatin.

Welcome to Clear Ballistics, a leading clear synthetic ballistics gelatin manufacturing company providing professional grade products for testing, investigating, and a variety of other applications and purposes. We are a proudly American company based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, retailing our products to all end users including customers, businesses, investigators, gun clubs, federal agencies, and others. Our professional grade, industry’s best clear ballistics gelatin that is typically used by high end and major agencies all over the world is made accessible to all our consumers. Unlike our counterparts, we don’t simply sell our products for food applications’ we cater to all applications and industries.

Clear Ballistics utilizes state of the art manufacturing facilities, equipment, and other resources for the production of its clear synthetic ballistics gelatin. We fine tune our manufacture by using customer feedback and extensive research and development, ensuring that the products we produce are truly clear, concise, and professional standard.

Since we are manufacturers as well as retailers and distributors, we are able to serve our clients with all forms of clear synthetic ballistics gelatin, finished as well as unfinished. Additionally, we are also manufacturers of products and accessories used for ballistics gelatin such as molds for shaping the gelatin. The result is a full and professional range of clear synthetic ballistics gelatin and related accessories, catering to all your needs perfectly. If you’d like us to customize some products for you, we are open to offer that as well!

When it comes to purchasing clear ballistics gelatin, you don’t need to look anywhere else. We take care of all your clear ballistics gelatin needs. Shop the Clear Ballistics range today. For more information or any questions, contact us!

Clear Ballistics will never be undersold! We will price-match any competitors-Then beat it by 10%. We Guarantee it!

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